Climate Governance in Africa - A Handbook for Journalists

Climate Governance in Africa - A Handbook for Journalists

Climate governance in Africa - A handbook for journalists
Apr 04, 2014 by Heinrich Böll Stiftung Southern Africa
Inter Press Service (IPS) Africa
Place of Publication: Johannesburg
Date of Publication: 2013
Number of Pages: 64
Language of Publication: English

Climate governance in Africa brings together the available expertise and knowledge on climate governance issues affecting the African continent. It provides quick reference on what are often complex climate governance issues and examples of news features that speak to these issues, highlighting why these stories work. It is divided into six sections, specifically:

  • Climate Change Governance: An Overview
  • Gender Issues in Climate Change Governance
  • Policy Mainstreaming
  • Climate Finance
  • Market-based Mechanisms for Climate Change
  • Best Practices in Reporting Climate Change Governance

The handbook has been reviewed by a panel of five media peer reviewers to ensure that its content is relevant and practically applicable for journalists.


Thanks for the good work you

Thanks for the good work you are doing,on behalf of East Africa Climate Change Network we will be intrested to partner on climate change related programmes.

As a media trainer in Kenya

As a media trainer in Kenya especially at the Coast , i feel that we should have started training journalists to become more appreciative of the issues esp now that we have a handbook for journalists .
Maybe you have but the fact that i am a media trainer and have never received an invitation despite my request for one says something . This is an area that i would wish to participate in my region where i feel a responsibility for improving the standards of reportage since i left mainstream .
I am willing to be trained so that i can train the journalists who work with me to improve their perspectives.
Especially on a year when we are having the big international bash on Climate Change .

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