WATU WOTE brings home an Oscar!

WATU WOTE brings home an Oscar!

Watu Wote: All of Us. Creator: Hamburg Media School and Lightbox Africa. All rights reserved.

The Heinrich Boell Foundation (East & Horn of Africa Office) is delighted to share the news that Watu Wote, a film project which we partnered in producing, is among the winners in the 2017 Students’ Oscars. The film investigates the real background of the failed bus attack and tells the story in an accessible, engaging, slightly fictionalised but realistic form.

The movie tells the story of that fateful day when suspected Al-Shabaab militants waylaid and attacked a Nairobi-bound bus. The militants demanded that the Muslim passengers on the bus separate themselves and identify Christians amongst them. The Muslim passengers however protected the Christians, refused to separate and told the militants to kill them all. Based on an in-depth documentary research, the project produced a 20-minute short film scheduled for later broadcast in Kenya, Germany, among other locations.


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