Somalia: Current Conflicts and New Chances for State-Building


Since Somalia's central government collapsed in 1991, internal strife and external military interventions resulted in one of the most serious humanitarian disasters of our time. Numerous attempts to make peace and create political stability have failed, but with the withdrawal of Ethiopian troops and the election of a new president in January 2009, a window of opportunity has emerged.

UN Reform: What´s in it for Women?

All the contributions in the publication point to an important truth: Women activists and gender equality advocates must engage the
UN constructively in its current reform efforts to become even more accountable and stay a stalwart ally in the global promotion of women’s rights. But the ongoing reform efforts are far from being enough.

Women in Politics: Challenges of Democratic Transition in Kenya 3/03

During the first half of the year 2003, The Gender Forum held a series of discussions on the experiences of women in the last general elections, also focusing on how far women have come in engaging in politics. Significant questions were raised as to why should
women be involved in electoral politics, what are their challenges and what lessons can be carried forward to improve the quality of women engagement in politics?