There are two stories being told about food security. One story says we are food secure and the other says we are not. The stories are being told – and written – by various people with different intentions. There are those who weave dreams, where fiction reigns and happy endings preside. Then there are those who tell it like it is.

Healthy soils are crucial to human nutrition and the fight against hunger. But worldwide 24 billion tons of fertile soil is lost annually. Barbara Unmüßig calls attention to the growing threat to one of Earth’s most important resources.

The United Nations has declared 2015 to be the International Year of Soils, and April 19-23 marks this year’s Global Soil Week. Such events, though not exactly glamorous, do not receive nearly the amount of attention they deserve.

In recent years, the BRICS countries – Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa - have emerged as important outward investors. At the 2013 BRICS Summit, leaders committed to infrastructure investment, job-creation, food security, poverty eradication and sustainable development in Africa. India's current investments in Africa amount to more than US$ 50bn. This research provides insight into the operations of specific Indian companies in Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia and Zambia and their impact on the communities.

Meat Atlas: How over-consumption and intensive meat production wreck the planet

The publication Meat Atlas sheds light on the impacts of meat and dairy production, and aims to catalyse the debate over the need for better, safer and more sustainable food and farming.

Perspectives #02/2013 Women and Land Rights: Questions of Access, Ownership and Control

This issue deals with women's rights to own land in Africa and land reforms that combine gender equality.

Study: A Soiled Reputation: Adverse Impacts of Mineral Fertilizers in Tropical Agriculture

In view of the renaissance that fertilizer subsidies are experiencing in many tropical and subtropical countries, this study provides an overview of the economic and ecological barriers and of the potential for using mineral fertilizers in such regions.

In order to bring together stakeholders in the agriculture sector to interact and exchange views on the pertinent issues affecting the sector, this workshop was organized by Heinrich Böll Stiftung East & Horn of Africa in Eldoret, Kenia.