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Kenya grapples with fake news as women, politicians take the hit


Women politicians and journalists have fallen victim of false information, most often through personal attacks meant to discourage them from politics or silence their voices in the media. Studies by AMWIK, ‘Women Journalists’ Digital Security’ in 2016 and 2017 indicate that social media has been the most used platform for attacks against female journalists, with the most common gendered attacks being cyber stalking, sexual harassment, impersonation with parody accounts, surveillance and un-authorized use and manipulation of personal information, including images, and videos. With more women in the public limelight, it is projected that more will become victims of fake news.

Dream weavers: “Kenya is food secure.”

There are two stories being told about food security. One story says we are food secure and the other says we are not. The stories are being told – and written – by various people with different intentions. There are those who weave dreams, where fiction reigns and happy endings preside. Then there are those who tell it like it is.

When You’re Accustomed To Privilege, Equality Feels Like Oppression

During the May 2016 Gender Forum, we discussed what Feminism means for Kenyan women from different perspectives and facets, and a man asked an important question. His question was, with all this feminism and equality things, what would happen when women achieve this? Wouldn’t women seek to harm men?

Gender Forum in Samburu County - “Beyond the Tarmac”

Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) is a vice that has affected Kenya for decades. Despite several interventions by the government and NGOs, FGM continues to persist in certain communities in the country. National statistics indicate that the FGM prevalence rate stands at 27%.

Isiolo women call for inclusion in County Budgeting

The Gender Forum travelled to the ethnically cosmopolitan town of Isiolo to contribute a platform for dialogue on women’s participation in decision making in Isiolo County, with focus on the budgeting process.

The Matrimonial Property Bill 2013: Which Way Up?

The Matrimonial Property Bill 2013 was amended by the National Assembly on 12 November 2013, what is the import of this amendments on definition of matrimonial property to require joint ownership and amendment of the equal (50:50) share on dissolution. What does its passing portend?

Questioning Gender Hierarchies: Has Enough Been Done?

African gender equality champions have made notable strides - through the state, in political parties, in the media and the economic sphere toward a seemingly elusive gender equality goal. Efforts are frustrated by interpretations of societal norms and values rooted deeply in patriarchal structures and mindsets. Has enough been done to re-socialise or re-educate?