The current discourse on renewable energy tends to centre on the positive reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and improved energy security, while the risks of social and environmental injustice are largely ignored.

Delve into Grace Oloo's world as she reflects on her journey towards an electoral position in the 2017 Kenyan Elections.

In order to celebrate the World Press Freedom Day on the 3rd of May, the Cartooning for Peace Swiss Foundation and the City of Geneva present the 2016 International Editorial Cartoons Prize awarded by the Honorary President of the Swiss Foundation, Mr. Kofi Annan, to the Kenyan caricaturist, Gado and the Malaysian cartoonist, Zunar.

In February, Kenya edged closer to commercial cultivation of genetically modified (GM) crops after the National Biosafety Authority (NBA) approved open-air field trials of Bt-maize. If the new trials prove successful, it is likely that authorities will allow commercial cultivation. Consumers have been uninformed about their consumption of genetically engineered foods in the past and the regulating bodies that are supposed to protect our right to information fail to do so. We should ask ourselves, do we support or do we disagree with open-field testing and the move towards lifting the ban on producing genetically modified food in Kenya?  

Travelling Gender Forum at Voi

How is gender equality understood at the County level, and how can the County’s policy and development blueprints and sectoral budget be used to prioritise and analyse gendered needs?

Discourses on Civil Society in Kenya

Civil society has become a critical player in African politics. In Kenya, civil society underwent many changes after the transition from KANU to NARC in 2002, and it was severely affected by crisis after the December 2007 elections.

In the Shadow of Death: My Trauma, My Experience

In the Shadow of Death: My Trauma, My Experience is a public testimony of what numerous women went through during the post-election violence that engulfed Kenya immediately after the Electoral Commission of Kenya announced the results of the hotly-contested presidential polls of the December 2007 General Election.

The Politics of Transition in Kenya: From KANU to NARC

The peaceful transfer of power in Kenya in 2002 still provides a remarkable example of democratic transition in Africa – especially compared to the outbreak of large-scale violence Kenya experienced after the disputed December 2007 general elections.

Protectors of Environment: Mapping and Profiling Environmental Organisations in Kenya

Protectors of Environment provides an overview about environmental organisations and institutions – both governmental and non-governmental – in Kenya.

Gender in International Agricultural Trade Agreements: A Kenyan Synopsis 5/05

In the East and Horn of Africa, where agricultural trade remains the mainstay of region’s economies, women’s expertise in local agriculture, trade and marketing is still being undermined by international trade agreements, which largely ignore the socio-environmental issues facing these local farmers and their communities.