Women politics


What do Borana women in Mathare think about elections and mainstream political processes? What spaces do they use to intervene in both constituency-based and national politics, if at all? How do their situated and connected experiences of poverty, patriarchy and ethnicity impact their political practices?

Women Leaders

The video profiles tell the stories of African women politicians who, under different conditions, political systems, and in their own way, have tried to use their political platforms to advance women’s rights.

Political quotas have led to increasing numbers of women in governance in East and Horn of Africa countries. However, women haven't translated their presence in the ranks of power into real influence over political agendas.

Gender Forum: Representation of Women in Political Leadership: Taking Stock

From the foregoing assessment of women’s experiences with political leadership representation, the Heinrich Böll Stiftung Regional Office in Nairobi held an insightful and highly charged forum on women and political leadership in Kenya bringing participants across sectors, age and status.