G20 and BRICS Update #23: Development: Super-sized or Sustainable?


Has the G20 Hijacked UN Processes?

The debate of a proposed infrastructure initiative within the United Nations (UN) proves to be a revealing case study of how the Group of 20, an informal entity with restricted membership, has been able to influence and pre-empt outcomes in a formal, universal membership institution such as the UN. The debate is occurring in the context of negotiating the outcome document of the UN Financing for Development (FfD) Conference which will take place in Addis Ababa in July.

The G20 views “financing for development” as its priority as well. For instance, at an April 2015 Think 20 event in Washington, the Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Ali Babacan stated that the G20 addresses the

G20 an the BRICS UPDATE #21: Bulldozing Consensus on (Infrastructure) Investment

It is our hope that you really enjoyed reading the last issue #20 of the G20 and the BRICS UPDATE. 

In this Issue, we look at how poor governance bulldozes consensus beyond the public eye, as the G20 is doing with regard to most aspects of its Global Infrastructure Initiative, which will be launched at the November Summit. The initiative will privatize aspects of governance in order to move from "retail" to "wholesale" investment strategies through use of “pooled funds” to finance large “portfolios” of public private partnership (PPP) projects (despite their demonstrated high failure rate). Below, part 1 reviews aspects of the G20’s Global Infrastructure Initiative and part 2 reviews the performance evaluation of World Bank-financed PPPs over a decade.


G20 Update #20: BRICS Summit Reader - The Club in the G20 Club

Immediately after the World Cup Final, Brazil hosts the next BRICS Summit from July, 14th to 16th 2014. The leaders of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa will come together and important announcements are expected: a new BRICS Development Bank and a Contingency Reserve Arrangement. On this occasion a special BRICS Summit Reader is available here presenting background analysis and facts.

G20 Update #18 and BRICS Update: The Fossil Fools Troika


The G20 Update #18 contains reflections on the 2014 Summit Agenda with interesting links for indepth reading in the must read section. The BRICS group is now integrated into the title, due to interconnections, which will expand the Newsletter's profile with regular reporting on developments around the politics of this new club in the club.


The G20’s Energy Infrastructure Plans for Africa: What is Missing?


The G20’s commitment to conventional solutions obscures the possibility of other alternatives. Even though the alternatives present challenges in terms of replication, cost, and scale, the G20 summit in Mexico in June 2012 should re-cast the criteria for selecting and financing energy projects to highlight modular, renewable energy solutions.

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