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Unpaid Care Work Cartoon 1 Part 1

Women globally contribute a great deal of their time performing unpaid domestic and care oriented work. In Kenya, there is no reflection for such work in the economic analyses or national statistics.

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G20 and BRICS Update: Dueling Visions

Issue #19: For this issue we have secured the views of four distinguished authors sharing their perspectives on civil society and the G20.

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Panel at the Gender Forum 27th February on Sexual based violence

Sexual and Gender based violence in Kenya: Experts agree that personal involvement is needed to curb the vice that is on the rise. 

Being queer is still a stigma in Kenya and leads to social invisibility. With his Book "Invisible" the Kenyan author Kevin Mwachiro challenges the myths about alternative ways of love and living.

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Five years on, proponents are now optimistic that the Climate Change Bill and Policy will pass within the next six months. Now is the time for inputs and critical reflections.


The farmers of 2050 will have to produce an extra 150 million tonnes of meat to satisfy our global hunger - This is one of the facts in the analysis of the big business of the global meat trade.

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Sauti Mtaani Poster in Korogocho Ward

Youth in Nairobi’s informal settlements are using e-platforms to engage Members of County Assembly in solving issues in their wards.

Africa Rising? Think Again

Looking at the development of GDP in African countries, the continent is currently on a flight of fancy. But there are good reasons to question the mantra of the rise of Africa critically.

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International Dialogue

In the Horn and East African region many conflicts arise over natural resources at community and even national level. Find here the Essay of the East and Horn of African Delegates.

Political quotas have led to increasing numbers of women in governance in East and Horn of Africa countries. However, women haven't translated their presence in the ranks of power into real influence over political agendas.

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