On Wednesday, April 24th, 2024, the Missing Voices Coalition launched the 2023 Annual Report, themed "End Police Impunity.".

This fourth report marks a significant achievement for the Coalition since its inception. It highlights several key developments related to police impunity in Kenya for the year 2023. One major highlight was the reduction in extrajudicial killings and enforced disappearances compared to the previous year. 

Missing Voices, is a coalition body comprising 15 civic society organisations, of which the Heinrich Boell Foundation, Nairobi, is part of. 

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The Atlas series is a publication series jointly produced by the head office in Berlin and contextualized to the East African region.  With these series, we intend to provide a readership in Africa with an understanding of local realities, facts and figures as well as an analysis of global trends and greater insights into developments and current political issues across the region.

Our latest Atlas edition, Pesticides Atlas, gives new information on the use of HHPs in Kenya. It reveals which pesticides are most used and most toxic, as well as which crops require hazardous pesticides for pest control.  The Atlas also provides critical evidence to legislators and the wider public about pesticide use and their potential risk in Kenya. It shows where progressive changes can be – and to a limited extent already are – successfully implemented.

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