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The Kenya Coal Report

A review of Coal Power Production and Coal Mining in Kenya
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This report provides information for policymakers, civil societies, community members, and others interested in Coal Power exploration and production in Kenya. The report includes a literature review to provide a comprehensive timeline of the industry. It describes the Kenya Coal industry development projects, history, progress and current status of major proposed projects, including the Lamu Coal Power plant and Kitui Coal Mining.

It presents the justifications presented by the Kenyan government and project proponents supporting coal while also discussing the economic, social, and environmental concerns raised by community members, activities, and civil society. The report summarises the technology, public perception, legal and regulatory aspects of coal exploration and power production in Kenya. Members of the deCOALonize Campaign also provide recommendations for policymakers and government agencies in the energy and environmental conservation sector.

Decoalonize campaign
deCOALonize campaign match in Nairobi Kenya. Picture courtesy of the deCOALonize campaign


The deCOALonize campaign is a movement committed to stopping the development of coal and coal-related industries for a clean and sustainable energy future in Kenya and the region. The campaign aims to achieve this through community engagement, public activism and legal advocacy. The campaign was formed by a coalition of environmental and social justice advocates concerned about the increasing interest in Kenya on coal power production and exploration.

Heinrich Böll Stiftung congratulates the deCOALonize movement for this great publication and their commitment to stopping the development of coal and coal-related industries for a clean and sustainable energy future.

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September 2021
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The Kenya Coal Report September 2021