Sharon Mutende
Intern (2018)

A graduate in Bachelor of Science in Communication and Journalism from Moi University; Master of Arts in Environmental Policy from the University of Nairobi. I also have an interest in Project Management and Food Rights

I am very passionate about Sustainable Development and it was fun working (especially) on Energy issues and scenarios during my internship under the Heinrich Boell Foundation's Sustainable Development programme in 2018. My Supervisor, Fredrick Njau, was very helpful in enabling me grasp what to expect in a work environment as far as dealing with sustainable development issues is concerned. He made sure that I attended as many energy forums as there were which has contributed a great deal to my understanding of my country’s energy needs and the steps being taken towards 100% use of clean energy. I have become more objective as I go about my research and thesis work for my masters pogramme. I also learnt a lot on Gender Democracy, an area that I developed a lot of interest in and one that I am planning on studying more around.

The HBS fraternity is loving, non-discriminatory and everyone is willing to help. The team meetings have been very enlightening especially on the subject of politics and the future we want for our country. This internship has left a lasting impression on me...

I am very grateful for the learning opportunity.