Perspectives on Gender Discourse: Enhancing Women’s Political Participation, 6/08

Perspectives on Gender Discourse: Enhancing Women’s Political Participation 6/08 analyses dimensions and problems of women’s political practice in Kenya. Some of the contributions discuss whether there is (or should be) a specifically female way of doing politics, as well as the issue of affirmative action. Others address the gender-specific risks of political violence and discuss the possibility of an alliance of female and youth political leaders. The volume also includes an essay presenting the preliminary results of a study, commissioned by HBF, about successful Kenyan female political leaders and their approach to politics. This volume provides an overview about core issues and perspectives in female participation in electoral politics in Kenya.


  • The Value Proposition to Women’s Leadership: Perspectives of Kenyan Women Parliamentary and Civic Leaders (2003 to 2007), by Dr. Nyokabi Kamau
  • Practicing Politics: The Female Side of the Coin - Enhancing Womens’ Political Participation in the Imminent General Elections of 2007, by Prof. Jacqueline Adhiambo Oduol
  • The Affirmative Action Debate: Developing Winning Strategies, by Okiya Omtatah Okoiti
  • (Re)Configuring Gender-Based Electoral Violence As "Political Rape", by Deborah Okumu
  • Strategy for Raising the Profile of and Leveraging Women and Young Candidates for the 2007 General Elections, by Kepta Ombati
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