Dialogue and Civic Spaces

The hbs contributes to democratic governance and social cohesion in the region through advancing civic and political spaces for dialogue. We partner with civil society, academia, private sector and decision makers from the region and beyond to discuss pertinent issues with regards to political, social and economic developments affecting the region. We work with youth to explore and engage in alternative forms of politics towards a more democratic future; and support civic actors to leverage new approaches to protect and advance spaces for democratic practice.


Perspectives #03/2018: Through the Looking Glass: Images of African Futures

The Hollywood action movie Black Panther captured the imagination of audiences around the globe. In several African countries, it quickly became the highest grossing film of all time. The tale is set in Wakanda, a technologically advanced African kingdom that avoided the shackles of colonialism and slavery by isolating itself behind a guise of poverty and deprivation. Although what it presents as “African”, in terms of narrative and images, is far from uncontested, the film catapulted Afrofuturism – a discipline or aesthetic that enlists science fiction and technology to imagine black identities and futures unconstrained by past and present circumstances – from the avant-garde circles of artists and intellectuals into the mainstream.

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