Sustainable Development

For hbs as a green think tank, this programme component is informed by the growing challenges that the region is facing from the effects of environmental degradation. In Kenya, we support projects that affirm community resource rights threatened by major infrastructure development and extractive industries in the energy sector; and help foster climate change resilience and adaptation at the county level. Regionally, hbs seeks to promote sustainable energy futures through dialogue and tackling of barriers to uptake of renewable energy. We work with state and non-state actors through research, public dialogue, networking, in-country and regional knowledge-sharing forums.

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Energy for What?

New Publication

This publication explores the details of Kenya's contemporary energy challenges, using statistical graphs, diagrams and photographs as illustrations.

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The Kenya Coal Report

New Publication

Heinrich Böll Stiftung Nairobi Office in collaboration with the deCOALonize campaign is pleased to finally release the Kenya Coal Report 2021. The report provides information for policymakers, civil societies, community members, and others interested in Coal Power exploration and production in Kenya. 

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