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Route to Food Initiative

Concerns have been raised about the safety of food in Kenya. In particular, the increased prevalence of harmful chemical pesticides. At least 32% of pesticide active ingredients that are currently registered and being sold in products in Kenya, have been withdrawn from the European market, due to their serious potential impact on human and environmental health. There are products on the Kenyan market, which are certainly classified as carcinogenic (24 products), mutagenic (24 products), endocrine disrupting (35 products), neurotoxic (140 products) and many which show clear effects on reproduction (262 products). The implications on farmers and consumers are significant and worrying.

Ujuzi Media, with the support of Bread for the World, Misereor and the Route to Food Initiative, produced a three-part documentary series called ‘The Food Challenge’. The documentary exposes the manner in which small-scale farmers use and believe in the promises made by pesticide manufacturers for better yields. The film critically questions whether agro-chemicals are needed to fight hunger whilst simultaneously proposing alternative approaches to food production, such as organic farming.

Watch these films and share as widely as you can, so that we can create awareness about the problem, whilst explaining and promoting healthy consumer choices and sustainable farming practices – agroecology, permaculture, organic.

Join us online (see the above poster for details) using #ToxicBusiness as we call on the Government to immediately withdraw pesticides containing active ingredients that are toxic to human health and the environment, and that threaten food security and food safety in the country. 

Part 1: Toxic Business

Part 2: Causes of Hunger Causes of  Hunger

Part 3 : Searching for Sustainability

This article was first published by the Route to Food Initiative