Food Security

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Rethinking Agriculture: Soil Health for Sustainable Farming in Africa

This background paper Rethinking Agriculture: Soil Health for Sustainable Farming in Africa explores the importance of soil health and the need to a shift away from sole reliance on synthetic fertilizers remains an imperative discourse for sustainable agriculture in Africa. This paper was produced in collaboration with the Heinrich Boell Berlin Office and African offices in Nairobi, Abuja, and South Africa.
Cha Kula Graphic Novel cover

The Blind Spot | Special Edition

The Route to Food Initiative, a program component of the Heinrich Boell Foundation, has launched a special edition of the Chakula Magazine, a graphic novel entitled “The Blind Spot.” The Blind Spot brings to life the ways in which politics plays out in Kenya’s food system in the form of a visually compelling political drama set in a fictional future county called Kajibora. The main protagonist, Sifa, is a passionate young professor from the city who travels back to her hometown of Kajibora after the death of her grandfather, a renowned politician and leader of a famous peasant revolution. Upon her return, Sifa discovers that the post-revolutionary county is being taken over by a multinational industrial agribusiness company.