Food Rights

Under this special programme, The Route To Food Initiative, hbs Nairobi works towards realizing the Right to Food in Kenya, which is provided for in Article 43 of the Constitution: “Every person has the right to be free from hunger, and to have adequate food of acceptable quality.” Our activities aim to influence the political approach to food security and target avenues related to policy development and implementation at national and county-level. Additionally, the initiative relies on creative communications and an influencer-led campaign to promote innovative solutions to the problem of chronic food insecurity. We engage with mainstream and alternative media to shift the emphasis of the debate on hunger and unaffordable or inadequate food to a discussion about food rights.

Pesticides Atlas, gives new information on the use of HHPs in Kenya. It reveals which pesticides are most used and most toxic, as well as which crops require hazardous pesticides for pest control.  The Atlas also provides critical evidence to legislators and the wider public about pesticide use and their potential risk in Kenya. It shows where progressive changes can be – and to a limited extent already are – successfully implemented.

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Cha Kula Graphic Novel cover

The Blind Spot | Special Edition


The Route to Food Initiative, a program component of the Heinrich Boell Foundation, has launched a special edition of the Chakula Magazine, a graphic novel entitled “The Blind Spot.”

The Blind Spot brings to life the ways in which politics plays out in Kenya’s food system in the form of a visually compelling political drama set in a fictional future county called Kajibora. The main protagonist, Sifa, is a passionate young professor from the city who travels back to her hometown of Kajibora after the death of her grandfather, a renowned politician and leader of a famous peasant revolution. Upon her return, Sifa discovers that the post-revolutionary county is being taken over by a multinational industrial agribusiness company.

GMO perception Study

The Perception of Kenyans on Genetically Modified Foods


The Route to Food Initiative (RTFI) sought to assess the current situation in regard to the perception of Kenyans about GMOs. RTFI, contracted a research firm, Infotrak Research and Consulting to undertake the research. Over 8000 respondents from all counties in Kenya were contacted for this survey. Quantitative data was collected through Computer Assisted Telephone Interviews (CATI), targeting the Kenyan adult population across all the regions. The data was then systematically analysed. Key issues of focus included level of awareness, willingness to consume and grow GMOs, and access to information on GMOs. These variables were analysed against various demographic aspects of the respondents.

Our Programme Goals
Agroecology defined

A Farm of Hope - Agroecology - RTF Route to Food

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Join the Route to Food Alliance

The Route to Food Alliance is a group of more than 600 women and men who use their personal or professional platforms to champion for the Right to Food in Kenya.


Joining the Route to Food Alliance means you are part of an initiative to realise the Right to Food in Kenya. The reason we exist is to create a network of like-minded people from government, media, civil society, academia, farmers and the private sector who want to work together to end food insecurity in the country.

Why you should be a member of the Route to Food Alliance. - RTF Route to Food

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