Gender Democracy

The Gender Component contributes to the transformation of gender relations in Kenya and the region in order to realize human rights for all members of society. Our main focus areas enhance women’s effective political participation in Kenya, challenge patriarchy and democratic rollback in the region from a feminist perspective, and amplify gender and sexual minority rights through regional networking, learning processes, capacity building, awareness creation, research and documentation of experiences of women leaders. The programme also builds knowledge and facilitates discourse on gender diversity.

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Recent Publications
: Decentralization and inclusion in Kenya: From pre-colonial times to the first decade of devolution.

Decentralization and inclusion in Kenya

Kabarak University and Heinrich Boell Foundation published a book dubbed “Decentralisation and inclusion in Kenya: From pre-colonial times to the first decade of devolution”. The publication is a result of a research that evaluated the first era of devolution (2012 – 2022). The critical focus on devolution and its impact on minority groups.

Perspectives #01/2021: African Feminisms Across Generations

New Publication
This special edition of Perspectives reflects on, analyzes and documents the evolution of African feminisms and feminist action that African activists have taken up to address both old as well as persistent and new threats to women’s rights and gender justice. It also reflects on lessons learned from African feminist practices for current and future generations across the region.
Our Programs

Unmothering the Woman

The "Unmothering the Mother" series on Motherhood and Mothering aims to dismantle mothering stereotypes through storytelling and open discourse with members of the Kenyan public - and women in particular to increase their awareness of mothering and motherhood and overcome related stereotypes.