Food Rights

Under this special programme, hbs Nairobi works towards realizing the Right to Food in Kenya, which is provided for in Article 43 of the Constitution: “Every person has the right to be free from hunger, and to have adequate food of acceptable quality.” Our activities aim to influence the political approach to food security and target avenues related to policy development and implementation at national and county-level. Additionally, the initiative relies on creative communications and an influencer-led campaign to promote innovative solutions to the problem of chronic food insecurity. We engage with mainstream and alternative media to shift the emphasis of the debate on hunger and unaffordable or inadequate food to a discussion about food rights.

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The Food Manifesto

The Food Manifesto

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As Kenya enters a new political season, it is critical that all political leaders include the food agenda in their manifestos and explicitly state their proposed solutions to the country's food and nutrition insecurity.

The Food Manifesto presents insights gathered from various stakeholders on the state of food insecurity and progress toward achieving the Right to Adequate Food for All in Kenya. This will be a helpful guide for political parties as they draft their manifestos.

Power Poverty Hunger - Food System Facts 2021.png

Power Poverty Hunger - Food System Facts 2021

New Publication

It is possible to create sustainable, just and healthy food systems. For this to happen, it is key to strengthen political structures that truly focus on the right to food, on healthy nutrition, and on protecting biodiversity and the climate.

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