Food Rights

Under this special programme, hbs Nairobi works towards realizing the Right to Food in Kenya, which is provided for in Article 43 of the Constitution: “Every person has the right to be free from hunger, and to have adequate food of acceptable quality.” Our activities aim to influence the political approach to food security and target avenues related to policy development and implementation at national and county-level. Additionally, the initiative relies on creative communications and an influencer-led campaign to promote innovative solutions to the problem of chronic food insecurity. We engage with mainstream and alternative media to shift the emphasis of the debate on hunger and unaffordable or inadequate food to a discussion about food rights.

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Our Publications on Food Security

Critique of the Green Economy - Toward Social and Environmental Equity

The idea of growth as the way to end poverty and escape economic and financial crisis remains largely undisputed and is currently reflected in the concept of the green economy. But not everything that is “green” and efficient is also environmentally sustainable and socially equitable. This essay outlines a policy of less, of wealth in moderation, to enable the Earth’s resources to make a life of dignity and without need possible for all.

Global Governance for World Food Security: A Scorecard Four Years After the Eruption of the “Food Crisis”

The 2007–2008 world food price crisis caused political and economical instability and social unrest in both poor and developed nations. This was only the latest example for a functioning food system being an indispensable pillar of a stable economy and a society capable of reproducing itself. A new study outlines steps how the intergovernmental Committee on World Food Security could be expanded towards a politically relevant international steering committee.

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